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Mini Wooden Jack Up barge


This is a semi wooden semi metal mini jack up work barge. We build to custom order. This particular one is our base model. It is an 8'x16'. The underside is reinforced with 3x3x1/4"angle iron. Altogether about 6,500 lbs of buoyancy. The deck is 3/4" plywood which can be coated with bed liner for an additional $250. The corner plates are all 1/4" steel plate construction. With 4" spud wells welded through. No breaks in pipe top to bottom. The edges top and bottom are lined with angle iron and welded corner to corner all the way around the top and bottom. Winches have SS cable and a few more modification to make them ideal for this style of barge. Spud lengths are built to order but are 3" steel pipe.

  • 3/4" Plywood decking
  • 1/4" Steel Plate for corners
  • 3" Spuds (up tp 20' long)
  • 4" Spud wells
  • 3"x3"x1/4" Angle Iron framing 
  • Stainless steel cables for winching
  • 4'x8'x20" dock floats  used for flotaion 
  • Optional Raptor bedliner coating

We will deliver free of charge. We have the ability to carry up to four of these units at one time or we can arrange freight with a transport company at your cost.


Turn around time after order is placed and paid for is 1-2 weeks.

Contact me to check out fully, All boats and barges require a 75% deposit for any out of state sales and a 50% deposit for sales in Texas. Payment must be recieved before project will start.


Any questions please feel free to ask. We can build about any size for work floats but jack up style will have size restrictions due to the framing needs.

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